Here's a bit of catch up.
Cute James.
The boys on Sept. 11
We planted a garden in our backyard and here was our first sprout.
Matthew lost his first tooth. He pulled it out at school. He hates pain or anything that could cause the smallest amount of discomfort. So I was shocked that he did this all on his own. He carried it around in a baggy all day at school and then when he got home. I made a little pouch for him so the Tooth Fairy could find it more easily under his pillow. He was pretty excited, although he's not so sure about the fairy part. He just rolls his eyes at me when I talk about the Tooth Fairy. Silly boy, of course fairies are real.
James posed for this picture and was proud of the outcome. He cracks me up.
Cute Jacob! He took his first two steps yesterday! He walked to the train table and was pretty darn happy with himself.

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