Matt got married on Sept 4 and it was such a pretty day. Perfect for an outdoor wedding.
Here's the groom walking to his place. Didn't snap one of him actually walking down the aisle.
The cutest ring bearers in the entire history of the world. Seriously. Don't even try to contest it. You'll lose.
I got teary watching Matthew guide James down the aisle. It was the cutest thing ever. Matthew did NOT want to be ring bearer or wear those "stinkin' suspenders" but he did it anyway and did it so well.
Holly was feeling a bit fevered and had to relinquish her flower girl duties, but Delaney carried on like a pro. She made sure she used every petal and that they were beautifully laid. She especially made sure to scatter a ton in front of Julianne.
This is my brother's new wife, Andrea. Her brother walked her down the aisle. It was such a sweet moment.
Have you ever seen bigger blue eyes than this? Doubt it. At least belonging to a little boy as cute as this. Don't you just want to grab a spoon and eat him right up?
Pretty sister! I tried to get a picture of JA and James, but James decided just at that moment he had to go to the bathroom. He's walking toward me to announce this very loudly.
I made flowers to go in our hair. Julianne's, as you can see, is turquoise. Lindsey and I had black flowers.
I'm so glad my grandma was able to go to the wedding.
The hottest girls at the entire shindig.
Photo crashers!
My boys are crazy about dancing. It's deep in their blood. While dinner is cooking and we're waiting for Tim to walk through the door, we crank up the music and let loose. So anytime they hear music, they can't help themselves.
We love dancing together.
Poor Holls! She was not feeling hot.
OMG! Isn't that tall kid a looker? I love my little bro! This was literally the only chance we had all night to talk to Matt. He was taking pictures all night long.
We were so over pictures.
Lindsey made the groom's cake. Here it is during the process.
And here it is all finished. Amazing!! See the little Lego man? That's Matt rock climbing.

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Martha Blood said...

Great pictures! What a cute family you have. Those ring bearers were darling.