Yesterday was James' first day of preschool. He loved it, except he was so disappointed that he didn't get to play with playdough. I'm not sure why he was expecting that to be an activity.
He was so excited and couldn't wait to get rid of me. He did a great job, and I got a lot of errands finished without any complaints.


Martha Blood said...

Oh, I just love that cute James! I'm so glad he had fun. Let's get going with the playdough, I agree, it should be a part of every first-day-of-school.

mrs. timberlake said...

I feel like I always comment on your mat? do I? well... here we go again... I love your mat.

And James is looking pretty darn cute.

I love first days much more as a parent than I ever did as a kiddo.

Queen of Kings said...

I can't believe your boys are growing up so fast! Jsmes in preschool and Matthew in 1st grade?? I love their pics you are such a good Mom Monica!