This little cutie just turned 1!! I can't believe a year has flown by already.
He is getting so close to walking and he knows how cool that makes him.
He just discovered that he can open up the cupboards and reorganize all the shelves. Super fun.
I love this wide mouthed smile! Especially with those new chompers!
He tasted a little bit of frosting, but flipped the cupcake over and ate the cake instead. He knew what he wanted.
He was a little more interested in his bottle at the beginning of present time. But quickly discovered how fun his new stuff was.
I think we'll keep him.


Jill said...

He looks like a keeper! I can't believe he is one. Where does the time go?

Laurie, the girls and Scott said...

He looks so different to me all of a sudden. I guess that's what turning one will do to a kid. Congratulations on a 1-year old.

The Huffies said...

so cute! he is a doll!