Everyone knows by now that we thought James was going to be a girl. When I was pregnant with him, I bought the cutest fabric to make a pretty little blanket. I made some for Amy and her twins, Brittnee and Devyn, and my nieces Heidi and Delaney. However, during this time, I could not bring myself to make one for 'Abby.' I was in Joann's a few weeks before my due date and saw the cutest fabrics. One had blue little hippos and the other had colorful stripes. I thought, 'I should get this in case I ever have another boy.' I loved it, but I ended up not getting it. Fast forward a few weeks later and out popped a beautiful little boy that looked just like his Grandpa James. My first thought (after I was so excited to see this tiny surprise) was, 'Oh, but the nursery is so pretty.' My next thought? I was so glad that I had not made the pretty pink blanket. He was less than a week old when my mom and I packed him into the car and we drove to Joann's. I knew exactly what I wanted, blue hippos and colorful stripes. This boy doesn't go anywhere without this blanket. It probably doesn't get washed as often as it should, but it is dearly loved. Just like this little boy. And whenever I see those blue hippos it reminds me of how grateful I am that James is James.
Last month we went in for his 3 year checkup. He is such a little guy. 20% for height and 25% for weight. And we discovered that he had a double ear infection. He never once complained about his ears. I'm sure he would have more ear infections to just take that yummy medicine. He reminded every morning and night that he needed his medicine. And each time after taking it, he'd rub his belly and say, "So yummy, so yummy."


The Mallory's said...

You know? It never felt quite right when you said you were having a boy. Remember when dad gave you that blessing and he even called him a boy. He's so cute. We miss him!

mrs. timberlake said...

I love our blankets. Even used them in the girls' newborn pictorials.

But after seeing this blue number, I love it too! I liked being pregnant with girls with you and Britt.