Zoo Day

On Thursday we met the cousins at the zoo. Poor Matthew. He had to go to school, so that's why he won't be in any of the pictures.
I'm kind of a big nerd, but one of my favorite parts of the zoo is the bridge leading up to the entrance. The bridge stretches out over a pond full of fish, turtles and ducks. I love watching the turtles! I actually secretly want a pet turtle. They are so cute. Anyway, it's one of James' favorite parts, too. If you look really close, you'll see some turtles in the lower left corner.
The kids wanted to climb this stump so bad. It was worth it. Look at those happy faces.
Jacob was so tired. He stayed awake, but he fought the sandman the whole time.
We had a great time, even if we only saw about 5 animals in 4 hours. The Phoenix Zoo has so many things for kids to do, that you forget that you're there to see animals.

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Paige said...

They have animals at the zoo? We never make it past the tree fort!