4 Lords and their Wench

On Saturday we went to the Arizona Renaissance Festival. We went with Tim's sisters, Amy and her fam, and Kristen. The people watching alone is worth the trip. Seriously.
Our cute nephew, Colin. He had Jacob cracking up.
When I first saw these girls, I thought, who would wear a fox tail like that? The answer? About 50% of the women at the festival.
Matthew and James got to pretend to be knights in a jousting competition. Neither one smiled the whole time. That means they had a blast.
The three boys got swords (thanks Amy and Brien). They had so much fun with them. And surprisingly, were very careful with them, although they did get in a few battles.
I love this picture. The pig posed, too.
Don't have a sheath for your sword? No worries. The back of your shirt works perfectly.
Cute Kristen. I keep hoping school never ends for Donavon, so that they'll stay here longer. We'll miss them! In the meantime, check out the hottie in the loincloth behind her. Oh yeah. At least he's not obese, like 80% of the people attending the festival.
And I'll leave you with one parting shot. This picture is honestly worth a thousand words and pretty much sums up a Renaissance Festival.


Wright Life said...

Kristen: hahahahahahaha!
Martha: oh my!

Lisa B. said...

I hope you bought Tim a loin cloth, you know just for fun!!!!

brandonandbecky said...

what great freaks! looks like you had a great time!

Laurie, the girls and Scott said...

Did Tim teach the boys to do that with their swords? He used to walk around the kitchen with his sword in his shirt and a garbage can lid in his hand yelling, "I HAVE THE POWER!" Ask him about it. See if he'll recreate it for you.

monica said...

I always wanted to marry He-Man. Looks like I did.

mrs. timberlake said...

tony used to work that event for the radio station... and let's just say i hated it as we were only dating at the time and the women were... how does one say... "friendly" and "barely clothed" and well... you know... you were there.