Twin Day Twin Day

Today was Twin Day at school. Shockingly, Matthew and his 5 year old buddies didn't discuss dressing up together. I know, crazy. Anyway, since I didn't want him to have to miss a day, Matthew and James dressed up as twins. Note the shades. Matthew loves them. He wears them all the time now.
He was all about this hunched pose today. Not sure why. Tyra would tell him it makes him lose at least 5 inches.
James had Lucky Charms for breakfast this morning. So did his shirt.
This guy is just so cute. And much happier today.


The Mallory's said...

I don't care what Tyra thinks, I think he looks fierce! I love all these themed days. It makes me want to go back to school.

Jacob is so cute!! Well, all your boys are cute. I love how much he looks like Matthew.

Love said...

So much fun. Your boys are so cute and growing so fast.