I don't wanna grow up...

Well, Matthew probably does want to grow up, but I don't want him to.  
Today was his last day of preschool!  I can't believe it.  He has grown so fast.  He'll be a kindergartner in less than 3 months.  Nothing makes time go faster than being a parent to little kids.  A time I would like to stretch out a little longer.  He was so excited because he got to wear his swimsuit to school for a water party.

James had to get in on the picture taking action.  

I love these two boys!  I'm excited to have a third one posing in there with his brothers.


The Mallory's said...

I don't want him to grow up either! Seems like yesterday I flew out to Chandler to see the little guy only 2 weeks old. Now here he is almost a man. Just before that I was screaming and hitting you because you touched the hairspray. Where has time gone?

Well, these next 15 days need to go by a little faster.

Martha Blood said...

You have the cutest boys! I just love them.

Michelle said...

I can't believe Matthew is going to kindergarten...I swear he just turned 3...Your boys are getting so big so fast. Good thing you are having another one so we can watch him grow up too :)