Hello? Anybody there?

-Matthew: "Mom, who is going to take care of us when you are little?"  
-Me: "I was already little before you were born.  So I am always going to take care of you."
-Matthew:  "Are your ears working?"
-Me:  "Yes, my ears are working."
-Matthew:  "Well, did you not understand me then?"
-Me:  "That must be it."


The Mallory's said...

Maybe he's concerned about when he is bigger than you. I think you've only got a few more years until your "little" guy is going to be taller than you.

Mike and Ashleigh said...

That's funny- It's been forever since I checked out your blog- It's way cute! You'll have to check out mine and see the awful news that I just posted- I am glad you went to the logan temple- I always think I should have gone to the bountiful temple to get married until I go on the logan grounds, and then I remember why I went there- I love it, Well I am glad your fam is doing good, and happy halloween!