Halloween Fun Part 1

Matthew had a Halloween party for preschool yesterday.  His teacher went all out for this party. She had a fishing booth, donuts on strings, face painting, hay rides, bowling, pumpkin painting, and so much more.  The kids had a ball.
Up first was a fun little program full of cute Halloween songs.

They got little prizes at each booth.  Matthew's favorite was the glow-in-the-dark vampire fangs.  He wore them for almost the whole day.  Even when we went to Target.

My little multi-tasker, eating while cleaning.  He must watch me a lot more than I thought...

Then for reasons unknown to me, he threw himself on the ground and threw a little tantrum.

The kids made a pinata and then got to reap the rewards.

Matthew's loot. He's very particular about candy and it shows.  He had 1/3 the amount as everyone else.  Only the best for my boy.

Matthew with his best bud, Cooper.  They have such a great time together.

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Laurie, the girls and Scott said...

Cute kids and great costumes! It looks like the party was fun. Sorry about the tantrum. James and Heidi need to hang out together. They have similar interests.