Soooo Big!

I can't believe it, but in one month from today, James will be ONE!
Time sure flies.  Especially when you have two little munchkins runnin' the joint.
James is...


nicci said...

what he's gonna be one?!?! time does fly! he IS getting SO BIG =) my mom always tries to teach so big to jace, he doesn't quite understand yet, haha. well i'm super excited to see you in a month!!

Becky Ryan & Oliver said...

I know, isn't it so crazy! Ollie will be one on Monday, St patty's day, crazy! What are you guys going to do, I'm debating what you actually do for a one year olds birthday. I think we might go to chuck e cheese and just let Ollie ride a few things, I mean how much can he actually do. He would be content watching all the other kids. Any news on California?? Those boys are cute and Kristen's new dog, so darling! I agree that's the best way to have a dog right now, so easy:)