Fuzziest of the Fuzzballs...

We "puppy-sit"  Kristen and Donavon's little puppy, Bear, everyday.
Matthew loves it.  In fact, he is very sad when it's time for Bear to go home.
But I say this is the perfect way to have a dog.  You play with it, and then send him on his way.
Isn't that one of the cutest, furriest faces you've ever seen?
Bear loves to lick James' face.  James doesn't like it so much.  It actually ticks him off a little.


nicci said...

its kinda like grandkids...my mom says being a grandma is the best cuz they go home with mom and dad =)

Laurie, the girls & Scott said...

We love puppysitting too! We get to watch Zoe this weekend when her family goes to Disneyland. It will be good practice for when we get to play with Bear too. Cute boys, cute dog!