Merry Christmas!

We had a great Christmas this year. Matthew got all the presents he wanted and James finally got to get those chubby little hands on some wrapping paper and ribbon. Matthew wanted a "reindeer shooting game" (which is a deer/elk/bear hunting game that comes with a rifle you plug into the TV). I wasn't sure about this game at first. I didn't like the guns and shooting, but you're not shooting people and you actually learn gun safety. And besides, my dad is a hunter, and he's a pretty normal guy. For the most part ;) I'm sure there are many 3 year olds out there that asked for their own "reindeer shooting game." It is all Matthew wanted and when asked, it is his favorite present. Santa did not disappoint.
Matthew was so excited that Santa ate his cookies and drank his milk. It was really cute. He bypassed his presents to see if the cookies were gone. Santa even left snowy footprints at our house.

(Sorry, some of our pictures turned out blurry!)

(I think Matthew looks like he is a poster child for the NRA or a group of crazy white people.)
We hope you all had a very joyous Christmas! We wish you peace, happiness and love in the new year to come!


mrs. timberlake said...

Here's the problem with NOT dressing them alike... It's way too stressful to make sure they are even in their cuteness. , I undoubtedly always have a piece of clothing I like more. It's never equally balanced. So I always feel like one has the "better" dress, pair of jeans, etc. - thus one would have the item that wasn't as cute. Then I feel bad. And doesn't motherhood come with enough guilt all on its own?

Back to you. I love Matthew's hunting game. As long as it didn't come in a Jeff Gordon stocking.

Bill, Katie, and Co. said...

how in the world did you do those santa footprints? What a great idea. You will have to tell me the secret!