Christmas Eve

We had such a great Christmas Eve. We did our traditional Christmas Eve fondue dinner and had Ted, Martha, Kristen, and Donavon over. We had a great time. We also got to open our C.E. presents together and took a fun group pic with our new pj's. Afterwards, we read the Christmas story and sang "Silent Night" along to Tim on the guitar. Then we went out and looked at Christmas lights and even ran into the Grinch. It was a great night and one we will remember always.

Matthew and I made cookies for Santa. He LOVED his cookies. This was Matthew's idea for a pose. It worked. Kristen made these Santa aprons. They are so cute!
James is opening his very first Christmas Eve present. I wonder what it is?
Pajamas! (Ignore all that beautiful wiring in the back. I had a few extra lights on the string.)
Cute pajamas!


mrs. timberlake said...

These pictures remind me how much I am love your hair. I think it's my all time favorite.

Becky Ryan & Oliver said...

I just really like how Matthew has his hands in his pockets in the first picture, it's just so cute.

Wright Life said...

I love that picture of you two! SO CUTE! ANd thanks for Christmas Eve Dinner, I look forward to it every christmas eve we are together.