School's Out for the Summer...

Blogger was not letting me sign out of my other account and so
I was not able to put up any new posts for about a week. Grrr!
Anyway, I wanted to get a picture of the boys from the last of school and
compare it to the first of school. Look how much they've grown!
Matthew's lost that baby face and he now rides his bike to school like one of
the big kids. Wait, is he one of the big kids now? Noooooo...
Look at how much James has grown! He's a real life 4 year old!
His baby face is slowly receding as well.
And Jakers. What a difference a year can make. He can now run.
And believe me, he does not look back. He even has hair!
These are just some goofy pictures that I had to include. Funny boys.

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mrs. timberlake said...

i can (((NOT))) believe Jacob! he is a total little man now. amazing.