James turned...
FOUR!! He's seriously the cutest four year old James around. On his birthday I took him to a bookstore and we got to eat a cupcake for breakfast. Yeah, I know. I'm the best mom around. Then he got to pick out a book and just because he is so stinkin' cute I let him get the giraffe he couldn't put down (but he calls it a zebra and named him Monster Truck). Then we went to pick out some new shoes and he requested Skechers and picked out a "very awesome" pair.
But first the kids wanted to play with the train table. Even though we have one at home. Jacob actually didn't really care about it.
He wanted to kiss all the Olivia dolls. Don't worry, he didn't have a runny nose this day.
James being cute and having fun at the train table. He had it all to himself. He didn't have to share with any other kids whose moms leave them there for me to babysit.
Later (on Thursday, the day after his birthday) we had a delicious cake to celebrate. Target makes fabulous cakes. I don't.
I bought sparkler candles and those buggers did not want to go out.
I love this one catching James laughing at the funny candles. So cute. And that dimple!!!! It kills me every time.


Lindsey M said...


He knew it was his birthday and savored every moment of it, and even stretched it out....just like his Aunt Lindsey! I somehow trained him well.

I also love that boys dimple, again, just like me.

I always go through that internal struggle at Barnes and Noble. Kids will sit there destroying things around the table and the table. I think "I'm not their mom, I'm not going to clean that up." Then I always end up cleaning things up because I don't want someone to think it was my kids.

mrs. timberlake said...

target cakes will be our next cakes.. too cute!

erik and annie said...

hey parks and i go swimming at our pool at 10 everyday if you guys are ever board just let us know!!