Happy 4th of July! We had a very low-key 4th this year. We grilled and had a pop-its war. We also watched Avatar: The Last Airbender series on Netflix all day. Don't waste your money on the movie, especially if you're a fan of the series. When your 5 year old loudly proclaims, "Booooring!" and "This is not fun!" you know it's not good. So disappointing. I almost walked out only about 5 minutes in. But we've been watching this show for 5 years now, so we had high expectations. Enough about the movie.
I attempted to get all 3 boys to look at the camera at once. No such luck.
James was afraid Tim was going to throw a pop-it at him. Fortunately for James, Tim reserved that for Julianne and me.
James and Matthew studying a pop-it. Check out those "crawler knees" on Jacob. So cute!


The Mallory's said...

Crawler knees? Check out those crawler feet!

Their so cute. I can't wait to see them.

Martha Blood said...

I love your boys--aren't they cute!

erik and annie said...

hey on wednesday we found out that we are moving to Arizona. and we are moving saturday morning i have a question for you if you get this will you please call 435-229-5911 thanks

Jamie and Brady said...

Cute pictures! I'm sad you guys had to leave so soon, it was fun spending time with you and your cute boys. Shall we start the countdown for Spring Fling??