Yesterday we went to Bass Pro Shop to visit Santa. Look how excited the boys are. They could barely contain it.
Funny thing is, afterwards Matthew could not stop talking about his Q & A with Santa. It consisted of two questions.
S: Have you been good this year?
M: (just nods his head)
S: What do you want for Christmas?
M: (shrugs)
However, as time goes on and according to Matthew, the answers actually become verbal ones.
James would frequently inject, "I miss Santa" into every conversation.

We went with Amy and Colin. Colin was Santa's mini-me. The boys had lots of fun with their cousin. We had some lunch at the restaurant, hit up the shooting range, went up and down the elevator, sunk a few putts, saw a giant catfish, and followed animal prints throughout the store. Such a fun day.
My birthday is in 2 days! Remember how I spent it last year? Well, the boys have pink eye again! And I think I might have it, too. Gross.


Laurie, the girls and Scott said...

I never realized Santa was such an outdoorsman. How fun to go to the Bass Pro Shop! See you guys soon!

Michelle said...

Monica, you are a really talented writer. I usually laugh out loud while reading your blog :) Sorry about the pink eye, but I am glad the trip to see Santa was such a hit!

mrs. timberlake said...

dare i even say this... (but).....

the girls have never had pink eye. so how is it that you get it TWICE in your house on your b.day? impossible odds, i say.

Becky said...

That picture is so priceless. Monica, those boys are so cute, seriously. I am thinking of taking Ollie to Santa but am weary of a freak out. Either way, I guess we're making memories.

bill, katie, and co. said...

I have heard he is the best Santa! So fun to see pictures of him so I get the full effect before we take our own kids there. Great picture--and cutest boys ever!

The Mallory's said...

James looks like he is already missing Santa in that picture. I love it. We miss you!