Jacob's Blessing

Today we blessed Jacob at our house.
So he is officially Jacob Castleton Blood. I'm not sure if we ever explained his name. Before he was born we were tossing around a few names, the ones from the poll. Logan, Thomas and Jacob. I was pretty sure it would end up being Thomas. I have loved that name for a long time. Right when he was handed to me for the first time, I wasn't even thinking of names. I was just so excited to hold my baby. But the instant he was in my arms I heard the name Jacob in my head so clear that I knew that that was who this little guy was. Jacob. Castleton is Tim's Grandpa Hughes' middle name. He passed away when Tim was about 15. Tim loves his grandpa so much and has many happy memories of him. So it was only fitting that we named one of our boys after him.
All of the boys. Look at little Devin in the back. He makes Jacob look like a giant! James had been gearing up for his skateboard, hence the random knee pad.
I love these boys! You have no idea how hard it was to get this picture of all 3 of them.
And the man of the day. He is such a good baby. He slept through the night Thursday. It was pretty exciting. Unfortunately, he didn't follow it up Friday with an all-nighter.


Laurie, the girls and Scott said...

Congratulations! What a handsome bunch of boys. I love the kneepad. See you at Christmas!

erik and annie said...

your little boys are so cute!!! Erik is looking at a medical school down in phoenix so hopefully we will be moving down there this summer. do you like living there?

erik and annie said...

he is looking at midwestern and at atstill it is in mesa. i hope that we end up going to phoenix. the other place he is looking at is colorado and i don't want to live in snow

Lisa B. said...

How fun. I can't believe how big he looks and he is only 2 months old. Carter better stay a baby for a long time!!

Lisa B. said...

Will you please e-mail me your address-bandlbarkdull@yahoo.com-and i will send you an announcement!!