This morning we started walking Matthew to school. Although the days are not triple digits anymore, it is certainly not sweatshirt weather yet. The mornings are a little bit of a different story. They are perfect. High 60's and a slight breeze. I was in short-sleeves and capris to enjoy this change in weather, but I put sweatshirts on the older boys and bundled up Jacob. They are Arizona boys after all. When it creeps below 80 Matthew is freezing. No joke. Anyway, James loved his sweatshirt so much, he wore it all day. Even when he was drenched in sweat. He would not take it off. He loves those dinosaurs.
"Take picture a me, Mommy." This kid is one of the bossiest kids I have ever been around. He spends the day sucking his thumb and shouting orders.
Matthew loves this one because of how wide Jacob's eyes are.
Look at that little guy chunkin' up. He's getting so big. He is starting to smile more and more, and last night started cooing at me. So cute, can't get enough of him. He can stay a baby forever.


The Mallory's said...

Your boys are so cute!!! Can I hit a pause button? It only needs to last until next week. I don't want Jacob growing up another day until I see him!

I love that dino sweatshirt too, I wouldn't take it off either. After all...it is a "sweat"shirt.

I also agree with Matthew about that picture. Jacob's eyes do look pretty funny. I don't know if I would have noticed, even though it is obvious.

The Mallory's said...

Oh ya...less than a week!

Lisa B. said...

Holy Cow!!! Can I put in an order for a dresser for my girls!!!