I felt bad that little Jacob didn't have very many pictures last post. He really is such a cute guy. He is so happy and content.
I love his jammies!
The flu has attacked our house and claimed two victims, Matthew and James. Although Matthew's only lasted a total of 2 days, James is going on 5 days now. Poor guy.
It's exhausting being sick.
Tim has been working on our backyard the past few weeks and has done a great job. Today with the help of Brien and Ted, he put down the sod. We have grass, not just a dusty dirt lot. It's pretty exciting here at our house. We can't wait to get out in the backyard now that the weather has cooled. Wait for more pictures to be coming soon of the finished product.
**UPDATE** Jacob got the same bug as the other two boys. Poor little guy! He just looks miserable. I wish I had gotten this bug rather than my boys. I hate seeing them sick! Especially my two month old baby!


The Mallory's said...

I never got to see Jacob in his new P.J's, so thanks for taking a picture. He's so cute!

Martha Blood said...

Ooh no--I'm so sad the boys are all sick! How can such cute little guys get sick--no fair.

Laurie, the girls and Scott said...

Yeah for the backyard! Yeah for skeleton jammies. Don't tell my girls, but they're getting the pink ones for Christmas. (Halloween lives all year long at our house.) Boo for the flu! Get well soon, boys!