James had to go to the doctor's today for his well-visit.  Anyone with kids knows the drill, the doctor asks you lots of questions about their development (speech, playtime, eating, etc.).  Well, anyway during these questions it got me thinking about this little guy and all the fun things he does now.  One of my favorite things is that he is always telling me to pull up my shirt a bit to show him my tummy.  He then pokes my belly and says, "Booty."  I'm not sure why he calls stomachs this, but oh well.  Then he'll say, "Baby."  He'll start shaking my stomach so that he can get the baby to start moving.  Sometimes, and this is my favorite, he'll lift up his shirt and then belly bump me.  So funny, I have no idea where he learned this.  

Another thing he has started doing recently is shouting "I did it!" whenever he does something he thinks deserves praise.  He'll pump his fists in the air while he shouts this.  
His favorite bedtime lullaby?  "Up on the House-Top."  And yes, it's a Christmas song.  He'll say, "ho, ho, ho" when he wants it sung to him.    

He's so stinkin' cute!  We love having this boy in our family.

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Lisa B. said...

I usually lie to my doctor during the "standard questions". I know that she knows that I am lying, but I know that she won't ever call me on it (I mean it's not like she's my bishop or anything). And when it's all over she gives me two suckers-maybe those are meant for my kids, but I tell her I don't let me kids have sugar and then we smile at each other and laugh on the inside.