Old MacDonald had a farm...

On Friday Matthew's preschool class went on a field trip to a dairy farm.  They got to drink whatever flavored milk they wanted.  Matthew chose strawberry.  Note the pink mustache.

James loved this big tire and just leaned against while all the kids ran through the hay maze.

They got to feed horses and goats.  I wasn't sure what Matthew would do, but he loved it.

And so brave, he held a rooster.  And it didn't peck him once.  For sure it would have if I held it. 

Matthew's favorite part was the hayride.  We got to see a calf that had been born that morning. She was so cute.

And he is so cute!

The boys enjoying lunch on some hay.

And we finished up the trip with some ice cream made from the milk of the farm's brown cows.  Brown cows make the best milk for ice cream and butter.  Their milk is creamier.  Didn't know that.
A very successful day.

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The Huffies said...

I'm so jealous that it's warm there and your boys are in short sleeves - lucky! What cute kiddos you have!