Two peas in a pod...sometimes

A few days after Christmas we headed out to my parents' house in Alabama.  We had such a good time.  Obviously, I was most excited about seeing my newest niece, Holly.  Who is a gorgeous, happy baby.  But what was really fun, was seeing how James and Laney got along...or didn't.  It was really one way or the other for them.  But I have so many cute pictures of them together.  I had to share.
This is at a park down by a river near my parents' house.

Almost a nightly activity, sink baths.  Whenever anyone was at the kitchen sink,  these two came running around the corner.  Delaney was trying to take off her clothes and James would say, "Bath?  Bath?  Bath?"

They loved playing on the stairs.  Fun for them, a little scary at times for us.

My mom got the kids some really cute bubble wands.  We took them outside to play with them, these two preferred the marshmallows.

They looked out the windows a lot.  I'm not sure what they were looking for, but it was interesting.

It was so fun to watch them together.  Delaney is used to having my mom all to herself, so this was a major adjustment for her.  She was a little jealous (that's an understatement).  James was okay with all the attention she was taking from him, until one day he snapped.  He was done.  Grandma was his, too.  And they fought over her literally every second of the day.


The Mallory's said...

It's so lonely at Mom's house without you guys! When we got here a couple of nights ago Delaney kept asking where everybody was. At least that's what we think she was asking. As the night progressed she got a little happier with each hour realizing she wouldn't have to share her Grandma and Grandpa. I don't think she appreciated James fighting back for his Grandma.

We miss you guys! Can't wait to see you and your house.

The Mallory's said...

Have you realized it's already February? I know time can fly by sometimes but give me break. I need another post!