A Visit from the Tyrantus

Yesterday we had a little, green visitor in our backyard.  You'd think that you would see a praying mantis more often, but I can count the number of times on one hand.  So we took the boys outside to see her.  
They both thought she was pretty cool. 
Matthew was telling me all about "tyrantus"
James just kept pointing at her.  
Excuse our lovely backyard.  The previous owners killed it.  And now we're just waiting for the weather to cool down before we do anything.


mrs. timberlake said...

Dear Monica,
Please tell me how you distinguished "her" from a "him?"

Also, since you reminded me of the reunion of Brenda and Kelly, I will be going back into the archives of the tivo to finish the remaining hour and a half.

Thank you.

Martha Blood said...

We should introduce our Praying Mantises (or is that Praying Manti). We have named ours Nephi.