Three-Ring Circus

We took the kids to the circus last weekend with our friends the Jones fam.  The kids loved it.  Overpriced food and sketchy people, what's not to love?  
This is how the kids looked through most of the show.

Then things got a little crazy.  I think Matthew and Cooper are actually dancing.  I know, who woulda guessed.
Matthew got to go for an elephant ride.  That was one of his favorite parts.
This was as close to the elephants as James got.  Poor things, don't you just want to set them free in Africa?  


Lisa B. said...

That is so fun you went to the circus. I wanted to, but the clowns totally freak Brett out. So I am taking the girls to Disney on Ice instead.

The Mallory's said...

What does Matthew have in his mouth in that first picture? His cheek looks nice and plump.

Looks like they had fun. If you want to see something truly interesting you should come to the fair in Memphis. I wish I would have been brave enough to pull out my camera. Some of the clothing people wore would have made my page rated R or even higher.