Say What?!

Matthew told me this "memory" (aka: made up story) today.  
"Mom, when I was 25 and had my mission and then I was a shopper and had a box of knives and 25 didn't get out.  And I bought it and they falled, not the knives, the knife box."


Martha Blood said...

He has already has such a full life!
Love, Grandma

Wright Life said...

That is so dang funny Monica! I read it on Friday when I was at work while there was a meeting going on and I started laughing out loud. Luckily nobody really paid attention to me. I felt really stupid but I couldn't help it. He is such a funny kid.

Lisa B. said...

Gracie used to tell me stories like that all the time, but not so much anymore. Please tell me my baby isn't growing up!!!