Blogger is only letting me post these two pictures for some reason.  I'm going to try to post the other ones when I can.  
Lindsey sent Matthew a little care package when he hurt his hand.  It had an egg in it.  But not just any egg, this one was a turtle egg.  You put it in water for a few days and it hatches.  Matthew loved it.  The first morning after we put it in water, he got up early and ran downstairs to check it out.  He ran up to my room shouting,  "It's hatching!  It's hatching!"  And all day we checked on the turtle's progress.  Matthew had so much fun with it.

Here is the turtle fresh out of its egg.  Matthew thinks it is so cool.  "It has strong bones in it."  
James had to get in on the picture taking.  

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mrs. timberlake said...

monica, you are cute to think I didn't pull addison's diaper off IN THE TUB. afterall I JUST changed her. therefore, ewwww is right.

back to you. loving the color of your wall and your cute picture frames. if we weren't contaminated i would pack us up for the day trip to come see YOU!