Hickeys and Annoying Moms

So I have 2 funny stories about Matthew.  
About a week ago, Matthew stuck a suction cup to his forehead and gave himself a huge hickey.  It was there for about a week.  So funny.  This picture does not give it credit.  It was so red.
Today was Matthew's second day of preschool.  If I were to describe the kid, a man of few words is not a phrase I would use.  Sometimes you can't get him to shut his , although very cute, mouth for 10 seconds.  Except when it comes to talking about preschool.  He'll answer your first 2 questions and then he is done.  So to annoy him, I know I'm such a good mom, I just kept rambling off question after question.  Finally he said, "Alright!  That is it.  I am done with this, Mom.  No more talking about school."  He's such a funny kid.   

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paulandcherisvreeken said...

Haha I love it!!! I did that to my face a few times when I was little and didn't even realize it until I walked outside and had someone point it out... He's so cute!!!