A-B-C's and 1-2-3's

Matthew started preschool today.  He has been so excited.  He woke up at 7 and was ready to go.  School doesn't start until 9.  So I had a lot of distracting to do.  He really likes his backpack, which was a b-day gift from my mom and dad.  His favorite part is that it has his initials on it.  
When I picked him up, all the little kiddies were lined up on the front lawn holding hands.  It was the cutest thing.  When Matthew saw me, his face lit up.  He ran over to me and told me he gets a treat next time because he was so good.  And he painted a bumble bee.  
I was able to get some errands done without whining or begging.  


Laurie, the girls and Scott said...

Cute Matthew! How fun that your school started today. I LOVE your new backpack. Molly starts school tomorrow. She is excited to wear her favorite dress. I'm glad you didn't wear a dress. That would have been too silly.

Jill said...

He looks so grown up. I hope he loves it! We definitely need a playdate!

The Mallory's said...

So how old do you have to be to start preschool...Delaney's age right?

I love that little guy. I'm so excited for him. Mom said he had no problems going in. He's so grown up!

monica said...

As soon as he got inside, he was off and around the corner into the classroom. No hesitation. I shouted after him, "I love you!" in this shrill and pathetic banned from the backstage voice. At least one of us could handle him going to school.

Wright Life said...

OH, he is so darling. I can't believe he is already going to school. He is too grown up! It was fun being with you guys on Sunday. I LOVE your house. You guys did a great job decorating! Love you all!

Alphabet Malone said...

What a big boy! I love his backpack with his initials on it. Colin really wants to come play soon!