Today was Matthew's birthday.  He turned 4!  I can't believe he has been part of our family for that long.  Then again, I almost can't remember not having him around.  He is the smartest, funniest kid I know.  He is so entertaining and loves life.  Happy birthday, Bud!

He has really been wanting a skateboard and so I told him that maybe for his birthday he would get one.    He loves it, especially his pads that make it near impossible for him to move his fingers.  Have you ever seen a 4 year-old with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome?
Since we're in the process of moving, I had no time and too much stress to make a cake.  So Matthew got a giant cupcake courtesy of Fry's.  Except he wanted the regular-sized cupcakes everyone else was eating.
My two (and too) cute boys.  Yellow and green teeth and all.  
I love watching my kids learn and grow.  It is so fun!  Matthew has given me some of the best (and hardest) four years of my life.  He challenges us every step of the way.  But at least I know he isn't easily swayed, and makes his own choices.  Even if he has to learn the hard way.  He is an amazing kid and I can't wait for what the next four years has in store for him. 

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