If they don't win it's a shame...

My dad and brother came out for some spring training baseball.  Today we watched our good ol' Mariners play.  Unfortunately the M's lost.  But we had a great time.
Matthew got a foul ball hit be one of the Mariners.  I cannot even tell you how many games I went to growing up, and not once did we have one hit close by.  So it was kind of exciting that my son got one.  Here he is with his trophy.
Matthew and James got matching ASU hats.  
James didn't really like to wear his hat.
Matthew wore his hat "rally-style" in hopes of salvaging the Mariners' score.  Didn't work, but he had a good time anyway.
Spring Training is seriously the best time to catch some baseball games.  It is so much fun!  Thanks, Dad!


Jill said...

I love the picture of James taking off the hat. His face perfectly expresses how he probably felt about wearing it. Looks like fun.

Laurie, the girls & Scott said...

I want to go with you next year. My girls could really use some rally caps.

Queen of Kings said...

Your little boys are ADORABLE!! I love reading all of the things that Matthew says it makes me laugh! They are super cute love all the pics!