Happy Easter!

This year the Easter Bunny decided that since we live in AZ, why not hide the eggs outside and take advantage of our beautiful weather before it gets ridiculously hot.  Matthew had tons of fun looking for the "cleverly" hidden eggs.  When he found a blue egg hidden on the blue gate he said, "Well, that was clever."  

Matthew with his loot.  He made out well.  I think he found about 15-20 eggs.  The Easter Bunny must think we have 5 kids.  Can't wait for the sugar rush at bedtime tonight.  Good luck, babe!
Oops!  This is what happens when the Easter Bunny leaves his candy in the car.  That was a big hollow bunny.  Now it's flat as a board...
...and tasted like one, too.

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Jill said...

That Matthew is way too funny and smart. It looks like the Easter Bunny had fun hiding eggs while you were at church.