Girls Girls Girls

All of my friends have girls.  All girls.  Girls everywhere.  I thought I was having a girl, but I guess to keep balance in the universe, I was sent a boy.  Your welcome.  And really, when you look at that little face, how could he have been anything else?!  Maybe this means my boys will really know how to treat the ladies.  They've been getting practice since birth.  

Today we met my friend Amy and her girls, Addison and Mackenzie at the park.  It was fun to compare notes.  Addison and Mackenzie are just 3 weeks older than James.  They were actually due, I think, 2 days before James.  Addison is already cruisin' around all over the place.  Upright, might I add.  Fortunately, not to make James feel too behind, Mackenzie kept it old school on her hands and knees.  It was so fun to see these babies together.  
I love this one.  I don't think she was so sure about me.  I got the stink eye a lot. She doesn't know I have known her since the womb, when she was just Baby A.
Matthew made lots of new friends.  I don't think he has actually ever met a stranger before.  
James was fascinated by the girls' stroller.  
Do you see the "look" aimed at me?  I must have smelled funny.


mrs. timberlake said...

Blogger was having attitude and wouldn't let me view your blog. But I outwitted it. I love the stink eye pic. I had a few on my camera as well. We should recruit Matthew to be our photographer at the next outing.

nicci said...

sunny arizona, looks inviting! a.j. started baseball today and its not quite enjoyable enough to be outside for that long! your kids are cute as always. and i still can't get over the whole james was supposed to be a girl thing!!

Jill said...

Thanks for keeping balance in the universe. I like the picture of the swings. They all look like they are having fun.

Rachael said...

Oh,, Little James is soooo cute. Seriously, He is a beautiful baby.