Batter Up!

Matthew got a new bat and ball for Easter.  He starts a sports clinic tomorrow night.
So the big boys went outside to play a little b-ball.  James felt a little left out.
Matthew hit this one.  He's getting pretty good.  He'll probably be the best athlete there tomorrow.  Hopefully, they won't do any running.
Practicing his poses for his pro cards that will come out in about 17 years.


mrs. timberlake said...

I told Tony about Matthew's comments... he wants to be notified when you try and put him to bed and he says, "Awwww Heck, No." But with a south phoenix accent.

The Mallory's said...

C'mon, his one hand to feel the breeze while the other one is a little gimp wont get him teased while he runs. You can see in James's eyes how bad he wanted to be out there.