Kite Runner

For about a month now, whenever we pass the kites at Costco, Matthew asks for one. Well, today we decided to go for it. I loved flying kites when I was little. And the lack of wind was not going to deter us.
If James wasn't eating the grass, he was sucking his thumb. I love that thumb, it's attached to a pretty cute little guy.
Matthew's kite. It was love at first sight. We even had actual Blue Angels fly overhead while we were at the park. Matthew got a kick out of that.
Who needs wind when you've got speed?
The end of a very successful day.

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mrs. timberlake said...

What a fun day OUTSIDE!!!!

You know what else I have my eye on at Costco... the teeter totter airplane! It's only 200 bucks... I don't know why I haven't picked one up yet.