That's a grandma shirt...

Today I went to the mall and stopped in at Gap. They have some really cute stuff right now. I grabbed this shirt in purple, and Matthew said, "That's a grandma shirt." When I tried it on I said, "See, it's not a grandma shirt. It looks really cute on me and I'm not a grandma." He replied, "Well, it is cute, but it's a grandma shirt. It's a shirt for your mom." It does look like a shirt my mom would wear, but she has good taste and is pretty young for a grandma. So I bought it anyway. Ooh, and I got this dress for $9.97!

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mrs. timberlake said...

Well, apparently your dress was such a steal, it's out of stock now. Which is sad. BUT, I saw the shirt and it's cute!
That picture of Matthew on this post is perhaps my favorite yet.

I am picturing him in CA - it totally suits him.