Roasting Marshmallows...

Since the weather is cooling down, we decided to enjoy our backyard. One of our favorite things to do is sit back and enjoy a fire. Matthew loves roasting marshmallows, so we thought it would be fun.

Here's James enjoying his first taste of pure sugar.
Mmmm...I'm all about giving my children the healthiest food possible.

Tim's showing wary Matthew how it's done. Here are their messy, but cute faces. They ain't got nothin' on me.

Oooh, she's cute. Why would I ever post a picture of myself like this, you might ask. Because this is how you should look with a marshmallow shoved in your mouth, not like the wimpy boys above. You can't be afraid to get dirty when it comes to things like fires and marshmallows. And things like worrying that you might not look cute just don't matter at times like these. It's a serious business and I can handle it.

Matthew didn't think I was too hot either. He wouldn't even give me a kiss.
James just thinks it's all craziness.


addison & mackenzie's mom said...

You do such fun things with your kids. We just go on walks. And... introducing James to marshmallows - I am going to have to start checking your blog with my girls out of the room... or else they will want to live at your house!

Wright Life said...

haha, you guys crack me up. Roasting Marshmallows? It must be fall...ahhh