Primary Program 2007

Matthew had a part in his very first Primary program. He did so good! His speaking part was, "Faith is trust. I trust in Jesus Christ." He said it loud and clear. What a cute boy! I think his favorite part was singing Scripture Power. He loves that song, we sing it all the time at home.
It was so fun to see him so grown up.


nicci said...

wow, he is a big boy! the primary program is quite possibly my favorite sunday :) little kids are so hilarious! i love watching it

Laurie, the girls & Scott said...

Oh. I finally get it. Pumpkin PI. Ha ha.

Wright Life said...

Oh, he did such a good job in the program. I cried multiple times out of pure joy! I know, I know, i'm a cry baby, but he was just so cute that I couldn't control my emotions. (no, i'm not pg, I just cry a lot)