This is for Lindsey...

For Matthew's birthday, his Aunt Lindsey got him Play-Doh.
He loves it. It even came with "paper-cut scissors"
(otherwise known as scissors, fortunately they're not even
sharp enough to cut paper). I bet you wish you had a pair.
Here are some pictures he took today of his Play-Doh sculptures.

Yes, this dog has two noses and three eyes. Is that a problem?

This is a school bus. His proudest achievement,
although his mom did most of it. Shhh, don't tell,
I'm not sure which one of us would be more embarrassed.

This is a snake.

Oh no! The snake got the school bus!

I love boys! They are so fun!

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Laurie, the girls & Scott said...

I love playdoh--let's play when I get back home. It looks like Aunt Lindsey knows all about the fun presents!