Lady Bugs

We have had the most beautiful weather here in Northern California. And we've been trapped inside with the stomach flu, among other illnesses. Today I just had to break out of the house, even if we couldn't go far. While I was weeding, the boys went on a bug safari. Matthew and Jacob loved catching lady bugs. James loved watching them catch lady bugs. Cute boy.
Jacob was doing great with the "buddy bugs" until one got a little friendlier than he would have liked. And please, please ignore my maniacal/slightly annoying laugh/voice in the background. I really need to learn to stay quiet. But the boys are super cute, as always. Enjoy!


School's Out for the Summer...

Blogger was not letting me sign out of my other account and so
I was not able to put up any new posts for about a week. Grrr!
Anyway, I wanted to get a picture of the boys from the last of school and
compare it to the first of school. Look how much they've grown!
Matthew's lost that baby face and he now rides his bike to school like one of
the big kids. Wait, is he one of the big kids now? Noooooo...
Look at how much James has grown! He's a real life 4 year old!
His baby face is slowly receding as well.
And Jakers. What a difference a year can make. He can now run.
And believe me, he does not look back. He even has hair!
These are just some goofy pictures that I had to include. Funny boys.

This is what happens when you run upstairs to
throw in a load of laundry. And make the mistake of thinking
that your totally cute, totally innocent looking 1 year-old won't get
into any trouble. Smashed up goldfish crackers all over the just vacuumed floor.
I should have known better. I mean, why else would he have wanted his shoes
on with his pajamas? Better cracker crushing.


Rosy Cheeks...

James brought this picture home from preschool yesterday.
Me: Oh, is this a picture of you?
James: No, Mom, it's you. See your cheeks?
Me: Yes, they're very rosy.
James: And I gave you spiky hair.

...and sideburns. Man, I'm more beautiful than I thought.


I Am Grateful to Be Their Mom Because (part 4)...

Can you guess the three reasons I am grateful to be a mom?

James is very proud of this balloon he picked out for me and insisted that it be in the pictures with us.

Happy Mother's Day to the greatest moms! We love you!


I am Grateful to Be Their Mom Because (part 3)...

I was planning on posting this last night after we got home from the D-Backs game, but our internet wasn't working. So, I'm going to try to do two today. Wish me luck.

I am so grateful to have these boys as my own because they all know how to let loose and have fun. It keeps me young and there's never a dull moment.

Matthew's pretty sure this is the most hilarious picture of him.
James being goofy.
Jacob was lovin' him some chocolate malt. Mmmm...
We were so close to the action! I didn't even have to zoom in for this picture! We were right on the wall just behind outfield. So fun. Chris Young caught a ball just below us and I could hear it hit his glove. I love baseball. And so my boys. Yet another reason I am grateful to be their mom!


I am Grateful to be Their Mom Because (part 2)....

I thought today I would highlight a few of the things I love about my boys.

Matthew is without a doubt one of the smartest kids I know (I know most parents say this about their kids, but allow me this). He is an avid reader and loves to learn. Whenever he has a question about something, he immediately seeks out the answer. Right now his interest lies with Camelot. I know! What a cutie. We both have reading in common. Currently, we are reading The Lost Hero by Rick Riordan. We each read on our own and then discuss what we've read. Here's a conversation we had:
Matthew: "I would love to see the girls that live in the lake. They sound creepy."
Me: "That's what I thought, too. With their yellow eyes and flowing black hair."
Matthew: "You know the mermaids in Harry Potter?"
Me: "Yeah..."
Matthew: "Well, that's what I picture them looking like."
Me: "Me too!"
Matthew (bursts out into his infectious laughter): "Our minds work the same!"
I have often wondered if he is comprehending what he is reading, since he reads far above his grade level. But this is proof that not only is he comprehending, but he can see it all in his head. Love him!
James. I have a big soft spot for this boy. He is probably the meanest (and I mean that in the most loving way possible because he does not like bullies. Unless he's the bully.) of the bunch, but a wicked little smile and that dimple completely melt away any chance I have of punishing him. He is also my biggest helper. Whenever I go into the kitchen, the screech of a chair being dragged across the floor immediately follows me. He's very independent, as long as I am close by. Whenever I need to go behind a closed door (bathroom) his little fingers stick underneath it as he asks me questions. Love him!
Jacob is our biggest troublemaker. He is constantly on the go. Nothing slows him down, not even falling down the stairs. He gets right back up and keeps going. When he is doing something that he knows he should not be doing, he does this slow blink. I'm not sure what he thinks that does, but apparently it must be some kind of mind trick. And it usually works because I just laugh at him. Whenever he's told to say "thank you" or we tell him we love him, he responds by kissing the air. So stinking cute! He is also my big snuggler. He's always good for a schmug. Love him!


I'm Grateful to Be Their Mom Because...

With Mother's Day approaching, I decided it would be fun to record a few thoughts on why I'm grateful to be a mom. I'll try to post one every day. (I was going to yesterday, but you see how well that went)

Anyway, one of the reasons I am grateful to be the mom of my three boys is that they are great helpers. None of them like to pick up after themselves, but they love to help me with other things around the house. Cooking/baking, crafting, putting my makeup on (they're secure in their manliness), and many other things. But one of their favorites is gardening and watering the flowers. Gardening aficionado I am not. They take something so mundane, in my opinion, and bring life to it for me. They don't like using something easy like a hose though. No, no. Watering cans for them. So we make about 8 trips back and forth watering our flowers. As you can see, they don't have the best aim.
Jacob can't decide if he's thirstier or if the flowers are.
James is doing his crazy dance. I almost forgot why I was grateful to be his mom today while I was cleaning up pee off the bathroom floor. It was intentionally done. Ain't he sweet?
Aaah! He kills me with those big blues!
This big guy is too big to help, so he rides his bike or scooter around while we do all the work. He rode his bike to and from school yesterday with just his friends. My stomach was in knots all day long until I walked out to meet him. Obviously, he survived. When did he get so big? And I am now literally tearing up and only see a blurry mess on my computer screen.
I love my boys! I could not have lucked out any more than I did with them.


Happy Easter, five days late. Whatever. This is the most posts I've had in one month for a while. Are you proud of me? I am. I almost didn't make it. But here I am.
We had a great Easter weekend. All of Tim's family were in town and we had a blast.
First, the Easter bunny made a visit to our house.
I can't remember why he is crying, but it is fake. So don't feel too sorry for him. But you can discuss how stinkin' cute he is.
All pretty for church.
All the grandkids and Grandma and Grandpa Blood! It was a crazy fun weekend, but so worth the chaos. Love you guys!
James would not do a solo pic or even look at the camera with a grumpy face. He missed out.